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BudgetMaster provides the ability for a family to closely control their cash-flow in such a way that spending by using debt can be minimized or eliminated entirely.  By helping to enforce disciplined spending habits a strong cash position can be developed instead of reliance on credit.  Buying power without credit is very effective and the freedom of “having the money” when something is needed sure does beat buying and “paying later” (often for years).

The system was specifically designed to be as simple as possible to use without too many “bells and whistles” that often confuse the user.  Following are a few screen shots of the system.  Not all functionality is shown here, just a few highlights, however as was said above, the system is intended to be simple to use.

The main BudgetMaster screen. Displays a quick
snapshot of the health of your budget.

The Accounts List is where you describe all the
accounts to be tracked in BudgetMaster

The Budget Screen (The heart of the system). This is
where you set up how much goes where each month.

Category allocation places all income into the category system
as directed by the budget screen.

If needed, funds can be reallocated across the category system. The budget is
 also infinitely adjustable as your needs change. As your budget “settles down”
you will find it less necessary to move money among the categories.

An account ledger.

The Category Trim.  Using this feature enables the occasional “budget holiday”
without affecting the overall budget by collecting “change” from the category system.

  Other features

* Import of downloaded bank statements to reconcile your records.
* Ledger searching to make it easy to find records.
* Task reminder system helps you to stay on top of your budget.
* Budget Categories can be exported to an online location so they can be referenced from your smart phone.  Always know how much money is available so you don’t over spend!


For more details on the operation of BudgetMaster see the users guide.

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